D & A

The Country, The Wines, The People
by Eunice Fried

"Very few people know the intimacies of the Burgundy-America axis in the way Eunice Fried does, and none that I know has ever set them down before. This is a book of revelations."
Hugh Johnson

"Eunice Fried spent more than a year in France gathering the material for her book but her erudition weighs lightly on her shoulders. Even the labyrinthine system of Burgundian appellations - what wine is entitled to what name - is made clear here, clearer than in almost any other publication."
Frank Prial - The New York Times

"Her description of the life cycle of wine grapes - and the ministrations necessary to bring them to fruition is the clearest I have seen. And her chapter on barrel-making is a small classic. Fried's greatest success is connecting the process of making and selling wine with the daily lives of Burgundians. It is a rare accomplishment and I can't think of another book that even comes close to achieving this goal."
The Washington Post

"Armchair travelers could do no better than picking up a copy of Eunice Fried's "Burgundy". Fried is a brilliant wine writer who has lived in France and traveled widely. Readers who enjoy New Yorker non-fiction will appreciate "Burgundy." It's warm and rich with the traditions of an old farming community that has continued to produce some of the world's finest wine. And her style is gorgeous."
Mark Bittman

"Eunice Fried has succeeded where others have failed. I have read a dozen or more books about Burgundy, but only Ms. Fried's goes beyond maps and statistics to illuminate the traditions, techniques and above all, the people of the place."
R.W.Apple, Jr.

"Eunice Fried's knowledge of wine, of France and of human nature makes her book about Burgundy compelling reading."
Thomas Hoving